Il Cammino di San Jacopo

Every journey is also an experience of the spirit ...

Cammino di San Jacopo winds along the Via Cassia route and extends from Florence to Lucca passing through Prato, Pistoia and Pescia; It constitutes a stretch of the Way to Santiago di Compostela and crosses a territory made unique by the presence of exceptional historical, artistic, naturalistic and religious testimonies.

Extended for a total length of about 100 km divided into four stages, it can be undertaken as an autonomous destination to reach Pistoia - a city called Minor Santiago due to the presence of a very important relic of St. Giacomo Maggiore, the only one coming from the body of the Apostle kept in Santiago de Compostela - or as a "preparation" or beginning of the great Spanish pilgrimage, of which the route is part.

In San Zeno Cathedral, at the chapel "of the Judgment", before the grand silver altar, the reliquary of San Jacopo Apostolo made up of three reliquaries found its place. The bone fragment of San Jacopo that bishop Atto brought to Pistoia from Santiago de Compostela in 1144, it is kept in the highest shrine in the shape of a small temple.

In Pistoia the relic is the object of particular veneration and every 25 July, according to a centuries-old tradition, the annual feast of San Jacopo, patron saint of the city, is still held with the historical procession and the Giostra dell’Orso.

Pistoia is therefore relaunched as a crossroads of the ancient European paths and from this year it is officially included in the international network of Pilgrimage Routes.

Reduced rate for pilgrims

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